CLOSURE ALERT: We'll be closed from Tuesday, November 21st to Tuesday, November 28th. In case of emergencies, contact East Hampton Vet Group( 631-324-0282) or Riverhead ER (631-369-4513). For appointments after November 28th, or prescription refills, please leave us a message (631-238-5171) or email (drmollysvetclinic@hotmail.com). Kristen will get back to you.
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Seresto Collar + Sentinel
Revolution Plus
Phyto Maxx
DrMollysVetClinic Products
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the products we offer are from trusted brands and can be delivered to you within 2-3 business days.

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us or visit our online store.
This combination will work hard to protect your dog from fleas, ticks, heartworm and internal parasites
A new non-drowsy combination of L-Theanine, Jujube and Melatonin, to help support emotionally stressed dogs
​available in office
If your cat doesn't want to wear a collar or keeps losing it, Revolution Plus is a once  monthly topical that covers it all
A  proven CBD product for pets with pain inflammation, stress, or seizure disorders
​available in office