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DrMollysVetClinic Gallery
Here are some examples of our latest work. 
This is a well loved pet that the owners were too scared to take to a groomer after a bad experience.
This is the same pet after we convinced the nervous owner that we could make her look and feel better with a bath and a haircut.  Notice, permanent damage to eyes, but pet is so much happier now and so is owner and vet!
This cat had a large abscess on its arm that required sedation and treatment.  One of our top priorities is to make sure all of our patients are comfortable in recovery.  This kitty was so comfy he napped all day until his owners picked him up at 5.
This is Dr Christine, classmate and BFF to Dr Molly.  Some surgeries require extra hands and we are lucky to have her for such occasions!
Our exam table is already oversized to accomodate large breeds, but sometimes we need an XXL, This guy never complains!!
You may run into our youngest staff helpers if you are here on a Sat! Hudson, Chole,Griffin in reception office.
Yes we believe in E-Collars, better known by Dr Molly as "the cone of protection" Frequently required for eye injurries, or non healing wounds, they are see thru and pets adjust quickly!
Yes we take care of rabbits too...how could you not when they are this cute?!!!
Although we appreciated birds, at this time we are not seeing them as patients
Photo proof that dogs do like Broccoli bones, Jetty more than his dog food, great fat free way to clean those teeth!
If you are going to have surgery its better if you recover with family members
All exam towels are sprayed with Feliway, a calming scent for our cat patients, always working to keep visits stress free and enjoyable
One of the best places to let your dogs exercise is the beach, no ticks on the sand, but be careful on your way there as ticks found in large numbers in beach grass.  Always use collars for identification and have a leash for each dog in case you need it for restraint..
This is Truman, an avid beach goer and driftwood expert
This is Blue, she is a member of our Happy Heiny Club...when those pesky anal glands start to bother her she reminds her owner to make an appt by dragging her bottom...